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Lets go to the Beach!

Ok...so yes this should have been posted on Monday but....technology  Happy reading, and watching! As I sit here and watch one of those corny Christmas movies based in Hawaii, this blog post seems appropriate!  I really wish I was going to the beach!  So much so, I just tried to figure out if it was doable for Thanksgiving...its not looking good LOL.  Let's get into this project.  If you are a crafter, you for sure remember a few months or so ago when everyone was going crazy over the small side tables from 5Below.  Us crafters will buy out something won’t we?  Well, by the time I was able to get out to get some, I could only find 3,...

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This video  is not my first YouTube video, but it is the first video that includes my new intro and I am super proud of that!  I hope you enjoy it! More likely than not, my pours can be a little ambitious.  I don't know why but I always want to pour as many things as I can at one time.  But I hate feeling rushed when I pour….I know that makes no sense LOL.   On this day I am pouring a cutting board, a geode canvas and 3 trinket trays…..oh and a few earrings.  (Told ya!)  In my mind, all these things were using like colors, so on this day it made sense.  And as you will see in...

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  Welcome to my blog!  Ha! I got a blog! Like who am I? LOL  Let me start with why I have decided to start a blog.  Each project comes with challenges and frustrations, and not necessarily just about the art, or not being able to get a specific blue that I see in my mind.  There is a whole world going on around us, and some of those things seep into my work. My goal is to write a short piece (hopefully, cause sometimes I can get going) to accompany my YouTube videos.  I hope this gives you a little bit more insight into the mind of DaniSew. Currently DaniSew Creative is 85% resin related.  Being the serial crafter...

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