This video  is not my first YouTube video, but it is the first video that includes my new intro and I am super proud of that!  I hope you enjoy it!

More likely than not, my pours can be a little ambitious.  I don't know why but I always want to pour as many things as I can at one time.  But I hate feeling rushed when I pour….I know that makes no sense LOL.  

On this day I am pouring a cutting board, a geode canvas and 3 trinket trays…..oh and a few earrings.  (Told ya!)  In my mind, all these things were using like colors, so on this day it made sense.  And as you will see in the video, I beat the clock!

Most of the things on my table are new territory for me.  Outside of the earrings, I have never poured on either of these surfaces before.  

Here’s what I learned. 

 I will tape the cutting board differently next time.  I don't like the sharp edge left on the top.  I was nervous I would over pour the area I had reserved for resin only.  I need to have more confidence in myself. 

I am still working on my geodes...I love when colors mix, but sometimes, I don't necessarily want that.  However, I am kind of impatient, and I don't want to wait for the resin to set up, or I want to see a finished product after one pour.  I am getting out of that some for my bigger pours.  I plan for 2-3 layers so it helps garner my own expectations.  I did have to comeback to the canvas and fill in a couple of small areas where the resin just kept running from.  Thankfully they were small and did not change the overall look of the finished product.

The trinket trays went well!  I did use too much gold, I didn’t want to waste it, and I was not prepared with other molds.  Overall I am satisfied with the finished products, and I LOVE the crystal ring holder.  I will definitely be making more!

I hope you enjoyed this pour as much as I did!

Until next time….


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