Let's Talk Resin

Hey Y'all Hey!

It's been a while, I know...don't judge me!  If you remember, I told you all I am terrible at this!

Like real G's I have been moving in silence (lol, corny I know!)  Lets get you caught up!

The holidays came and went in a blur!  Getting orders completed, packaged and shipped out, only to wait months to confirm ALL packages have finally reached their intended destination....intact! 

I started the year with a selfish project, as sort of a reset.  It took the entire month of January to complete.  Look out for "The Queen Project" blog coming soon.

Right now I want to get into something exciting!  I, along with 2 cohosts are curating a clubhouse room every Thursday at 7pm.  

Clubhouse is an audio social media app, currently only available to apple users.  If you are on clubhouse, please follow me @danisewcreative, and also my cohosts @jbirdcollections, and @zchantedesigns so you can be notified when we start!

We would love for you to join us and become a part of the conversation!

Since clubhouse is only audio, and resin is very visual, we are bridging our conversations and challenges in the Facebook group "Paint Pouring Anonymous"  Come over and join us there as well.  There is a short questionnaire to be completed before joining. 

I know what you are thinking..."Did she say challenges?"

YES I DID!  This month (through the end of March) our challenge is Black History Month.  We want to see you interpret that in your art and post in the pinned announcement in PPA!

Get involved y'all, we are a community!  


Until next time.....

xoxo Dani



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