Lets go to the Beach!

Ok...so yes this should have been posted on Monday but....technology 

Happy reading, and watching!

As I sit here and watch one of those corny Christmas movies based in Hawaii, this blog post seems appropriate!  I really wish I was going to the beach!  So much so, I just tried to figure out if it was doable for Thanksgiving...its not looking good LOL.

 Let's get into this project.  If you are a crafter, you for sure remember a few months or so ago when everyone was going crazy over the small side tables from 5Below.  Us crafters will buy out something won’t we?  Well, by the time I was able to get out to get some, I could only find 3, a WHOLE 3!  I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with them at that time, especially after realizing they were a lot shorter than I thought.  

 Now don't get me wrong, the idea of making a table has always been in the back of my mind, but I was stuck on sizing, functionality, and actually making the table myself soup to nuts.   After a while, I forgot I had even bought these, crazy right?

 The plan started as just a beach theme, I had only done a set of coasters in this theme and I thought this size canvas would be good to practice on.  Clearly I had little faith in my first one being a viable project LOL.  After the first layer, I am going to be honest, my faith did not increase.  I was not a fan of what I had done.  The great thing about resin and paint pouring, is that if you are not satisfied, you can always pour another layer.  There is a fine line  though.  A second layer and the addition of that Phatho blue was just what this project needed!  I was almost scared to add the decal on top because I did not want to hide the beautiful beach scene.  Part of the process I did not show included me cutting, weeding and placing the decal.  I used Oracle 651 metallic gold permanent vinyl.  The weeding process took multiple days.  Mainly because it was a lot and I would put it down in frustration  and come back the next day. I’ve definitely got to get better tools!  From there I put it on my transfer paper and transferred it to the table.  When working with Vinyl and resin, you have to make sure your placement is just right.  There is no picking it back up and repositioning it.  Once it touches the resin, you will likely have to re-cut and start over if you don't like it, because getting it off is not easy!  What's a project without a little challenge right?

 All and all I love the final piece. She is ready for her forever home as a small side table, a foot stool, or for all you new plant moms and dads out there, A plant stand!

 Until next time….


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